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Hospice Massage & Music:

Currenty only scheduling appointments for current clients or by referral.

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~all art on this website is created by tina lee(c) ~

Hawksbit & Lilacs -- Pastels over H2O colour
the lily
(Michalangelo's of Bruge) Black and white chalk
Variations on a rose bush....
Rockport H
arbor Re-imagined
Portrait of the artist as a middle-aged woman...
Kettle and Study for reflection Reflection in three shades of chalk
Coming soon: Illustrations from my "book of Myths" - 12 copies only
a classmate wrote a native American fable so I drew an illustration for him:
The boy and the Eagle Feather
And Someone else wrote about religion....
And another had a Haunted House Story

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E-mail: tina@tinalee.org

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